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Frozen yogurt or soft-serve ice creams, the healthy choice is still yours to make

Frozen yogurt, served by the kilo at your local supermarket or from an ice cream vendor, has become the popular choice among many health-oriented men and women, particularly those that have growing kids to take care of. As far as they are concerned, the frozen yogurt dessert is just as delicious, if not, more delicious, with or without healthy fruit servings, than the traditional soft serves. But, perhaps some of you have experienced this; kids are having none of it.

Who can blame them; it’s not their fault that they still have their little sweet teeth. These poor kids are missing their vanilla, chocolate and strawberry soft serve ice creams, with or without a crunchy chocolate flake or chocolate sprinkling. But there’s great news ahead, perhaps around the corner from you, you never know. Now, whether you are a concerned parent or an ice cream vendor and vendor of other goodies, you can now benefit from traditional soft servings from creatively and innovatively designed health-oriented ice cream machines, of which the series of Taylor soft serve ice cream machines are just one of a few.

These machines are also entirely focused on delivering star-studded and tantalizing quality. Each and every soft serve serving, if you will, needs to be served with the finest and freshest ingredients, soft serve and especially frozen yogurt. Now, if you can’t locate an ice cream cart that is serving healthy fat free and sugar free soft serves, you can always make your own. This could be your business, going forward.

They’re very easy to make at home. You can send your unique recipe design to your source supplier and see what ice cream machine magic can be served up for you, your kids and your customers.

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Best Yogurt Flavors

If yogurt is not already a healthy part of your diet, now is the perfect time to add it to your snack agenda. It is one of the bet snacks that you can reach for, especially when you grab no sugar added yogurt. Not only does yogurt contain high amounts of calcium, helping protect strong teeth and bones, but it also contains good bacteria the body needs and a plethora of additional benefits. Yogurt is a treat in which children and adults alike can indulge in without feeling any type of guilt whatsoever.

But, it is no secret that yogurt has come a long way over time and nowadays there are hundreds of flavors to choose from. Some of the flavors are brand specific, so if you want it, you will need to buy from the brand. But, many are not, so you can discover firsthand if they tickle your fancy.

Strawberry is always a crowd-pleaser as far as yogurt is concerned and nowadays, you can find it mixed with lots of other favorites too. Strawberry-Banana is a popular choice, along with Strawberry Mango, just to name a couple. Blueberry is yet another favorite for many, with variations such as blueberry cream pie included.

Chocolate mint is a popular flavor that people love. It is sort of like a guilty pleasure. It feels so wrong, but finally, it is so right. Mint is another one of the flavors mixed with a variety of flavor choices and options, so if you are a fan, give them a try.’

No matter what kind of taste you prefer, it is easy to get it when you have chosen yogurt. The flavors we’ve listed above cannot come close to discussing all that is available. Why not try them all so you really know what you like the best.