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How To Make Money At A Fair

Fairs are a great place to earn extra money and have fun doing it. There will be a lot of people willing to part with their money while having a good time taking in all the sights and enjoying the attractions. If you want to profit from the fair atmosphere, you’ll need to pick a product that everybody at the fair is going to want.

The simple answer is to have a beverage cart. People will be walking around, kids will be running up and down and since it’s outdoors, the sun can make them thirsty as well. A beverage cart in a good location will make you a really good profit. A great location would be next to a physical activity that is being offered at the fair. The downside of this is that all the other people who will be selling drinks will also have this idea. So try to find a balance between low competition and high traffic to make the most of your day. Remember that you’ll need to be able to work with money fast, since lines can get long and the work can be stressful. If you take too long, potential customers will leave the line for your cart and go stand in line for a cart that is working more efficiently. Prevent this by having at least two people working in your cart and having those people be as experienced as possible.

Want to earn some extra money with minimal effort? Put out a tip jar. Customers are likely to just leave whatever change they receive in your tip jar, maximizing how much money you’ll be earning in that day. Once it starts to get dark, you can start serving hot drinks as well.

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Looking at the Eating Out Budgets of Americans

Did you know that over a third of your food budget (if you’re American) is for eating out? That doesn’t sound like a lot, but consider that a family of four has a food budget of $7,000, so that means that it’s almost $2,500 a year on eating out. That’s a lot of shakes, burgers, French fries, and the other delicious things that you eat. It includes going to places like the one where you get the best Thai food Houston or running over to the local Burger King or Mickey D’s to get a meal.

Why is it so hard to just stay at home and make something that you like? Is there something about going out that helps create something different for people? There are a lot of things that really go into the whole thing. Eating out is a treat and a lot of us really like everything that it brings to the table, so to speak. So, no matter what you like to eat, you may want to take a little bit of time to see how it fits in your budget and if it may be hurting it as well.

By taking the time to learn about this cost and to see what’s out there, you will see that there is a lot to be said about the whole thing. Checking out the options and seeing what you can get for cheap is actually a great way for you to make sure that you get the most out of what you are doing. That allows you to have the upper hand and, when all is said and done, you are going to get more for your money and for your efforts. Consider restricting your budget and taking care of what’s going on when you go and eat out.

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Frozen yogurt or soft-serve ice creams, the healthy choice is still yours to make

Frozen yogurt, served by the kilo at your local supermarket or from an ice cream vendor, has become the popular choice among many health-oriented men and women, particularly those that have growing kids to take care of. As far as they are concerned, the frozen yogurt dessert is just as delicious, if not, more delicious, with or without healthy fruit servings, than the traditional soft serves. But, perhaps some of you have experienced this; kids are having none of it.

Who can blame them; it’s not their fault that they still have their little sweet teeth. These poor kids are missing their vanilla, chocolate and strawberry soft serve ice creams, with or without a crunchy chocolate flake or chocolate sprinkling. But there’s great news ahead, perhaps around the corner from you, you never know. Now, whether you are a concerned parent or an ice cream vendor and vendor of other goodies, you can now benefit from traditional soft servings from creatively and innovatively designed health-oriented ice cream machines, of which the series of Taylor soft serve ice cream machines are just one of a few.

These machines are also entirely focused on delivering star-studded and tantalizing quality. Each and every soft serve serving, if you will, needs to be served with the finest and freshest ingredients, soft serve and especially frozen yogurt. Now, if you can’t locate an ice cream cart that is serving healthy fat free and sugar free soft serves, you can always make your own. This could be your business, going forward.

They’re very easy to make at home. You can send your unique recipe design to your source supplier and see what ice cream machine magic can be served up for you, your kids and your customers.

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Best Yogurt Flavors

If yogurt is not already a healthy part of your diet, now is the perfect time to add it to your snack agenda. It is one of the bet snacks that you can reach for, especially when you grab no sugar added yogurt. Not only does yogurt contain high amounts of calcium, helping protect strong teeth and bones, but it also contains good bacteria the body needs and a plethora of additional benefits. Yogurt is a treat in which children and adults alike can indulge in without feeling any type of guilt whatsoever.

But, it is no secret that yogurt has come a long way over time and nowadays there are hundreds of flavors to choose from. Some of the flavors are brand specific, so if you want it, you will need to buy from the brand. But, many are not, so you can discover firsthand if they tickle your fancy.

Strawberry is always a crowd-pleaser as far as yogurt is concerned and nowadays, you can find it mixed with lots of other favorites too. Strawberry-Banana is a popular choice, along with Strawberry Mango, just to name a couple. Blueberry is yet another favorite for many, with variations such as blueberry cream pie included.

Chocolate mint is a popular flavor that people love. It is sort of like a guilty pleasure. It feels so wrong, but finally, it is so right. Mint is another one of the flavors mixed with a variety of flavor choices and options, so if you are a fan, give them a try.’

No matter what kind of taste you prefer, it is easy to get it when you have chosen yogurt. The flavors we’ve listed above cannot come close to discussing all that is available. Why not try them all so you really know what you like the best.