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How To Make Money At A Fair

Fairs are a great place to earn extra money and have fun doing it. There will be a lot of people willing to part with their money while having a good time taking in all the sights and enjoying the attractions. If you want to profit from the fair atmosphere, you’ll need to pick a product that everybody at the fair is going to want.

The simple answer is to have a beverage cart. People will be walking around, kids will be running up and down and since it’s outdoors, the sun can make them thirsty as well. A beverage cart in a good location will make you a really good profit. A great location would be next to a physical activity that is being offered at the fair. The downside of this is that all the other people who will be selling drinks will also have this idea. So try to find a balance between low competition and high traffic to make the most of your day. Remember that you’ll need to be able to work with money fast, since lines can get long and the work can be stressful. If you take too long, potential customers will leave the line for your cart and go stand in line for a cart that is working more efficiently. Prevent this by having at least two people working in your cart and having those people be as experienced as possible.

Want to earn some extra money with minimal effort? Put out a tip jar. Customers are likely to just leave whatever change they receive in your tip jar, maximizing how much money you’ll be earning in that day. Once it starts to get dark, you can start serving hot drinks as well.